Brake kit

Brake kit rear LHM

SKU: nw2096
Sales price:  € 72,50
Brake shoes + Springset + 2x Wheelcylinder.

Brake kit rear Dot4 73-78

SKU: nw2097
Sales price:  € 76,50
Brake shoes + springset + 2x Wheelcylinder.

Brake kit front small Dot4 73-78

SKU: nw2098
Sales price:  € 60,00
Brake shoes small 35mm + springset + 2x wheel cylinder.

Brake kit front wide Dot4 73-78

SKU: nw2099
Sales price:  € 65,00
Brake shoes wide 45mm + Springset + 2x Wheelcylinder.

Brake kit rear LHM + brake pipes

SKU: nw2100
Sales price:  € 130,00
Brake shoes + Springset + 2x Wheel cylinder + Brake pipes rear stainless steel.

Brake kit rear Dot 4 73-78 + brake line

SKU: nw2101
Sales price:  € 134,50
Brake shoes + Springset + 2x Wheel cylinder + Brake pipes rear staninless steel.

Brake caliper kit

SKU: nw2102
Sales price:  € 168,50
2x brake caliper with brake pads and handbrake pads + brake line between calipers.

Brake disc kit

SKU: nw2103
Sales price:  € 62,50
2x Brakedisc + Brake pads + Handbrake pads.

Brake-kit front- LHM

SKU: nw2104
Sales price:  € 232,50
2x Brakedisc / 2x Brake caliper/ Brake pads/ Handbrake pads/ Brake line between calipers/ Brakeline master cylinder-calipers.

Brake-kit complete LHM

SKU: nw2105
Sales price:  € 452,50
Master cylinder /Brake line set complete 2x Brakedisc/ 2x Brake caliper/ Brakepads/ Handbrakepads/ 2x WBC rear/ Brakeshoes/ Springset/ 1 liter LHM.
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