carburettor-fuel system

Accelerator cable

SKU: nw1874
Sales price:  € 12,50

Accelerator spring

SKU: nw1168
Sales price:  € 2,50

gas spring from carb, to fan housing


Air inlet rubber carburettor 2cv6

SKU: nw1164
Sales price:  € 17,50

Carburettor 18hp

SKU: nw2025
Sales price:  € 197,50

Carburettor 2cv6 double

SKU: nw1162
Sales price:  € 272,50

Choke cable ->'77

SKU: nw1876
Sales price:  € 17,50

Choke cable 12-'76->

SKU: nw1875
Sales price:  € 29,50

Choke valve spring

SKU: nw1170
Sales price:  € 2,50

Clamp gas spring on fan housing

SKU: nw1169
Sales price:  € 1,00

Diaphragm fuel pump 6-holes

SKU: nw1172
Sales price:  € 11,50
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