Heating-cooling system

Heating hose short

SKU: nw2219
Sales price:  € 5,00



Air hose 2cv6

SKU: nw1684
Sales price:  € 3,00

Through front wing


Air hose 2cv4 thin

SKU: nw1683
Sales price:  € 4,00

Rubber for air hose

SKU: nw1685
Sales price:  € 7,50

Through front wing


Air hose

SKU: nw1158
Sales price:  € 16,50

made of rubber


Heating hose 2cv 59 ->69

SKU: nw1686
Sales price:  € 8,50

Heating hose long

SKU: nw1687
Sales price:  € 8,50

Heating hose set 5p.

SKU: nw1266
Sales price:  € 25,00

2 x verwarmingsslang lang 1 x verwarmingsslang kort 2 x luchtafvoerslang


Heater valve spring

SKU: nw1866
Sales price:  € 2,50

Heater control stainless steel

SKU: nw2220
Sales price:  € 47,50
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