Roof attachments

aluminium strip seal front roof 2cv

SKU: nw2250
Sales price:  € 24,50

Rubber seal for alu strip front

SKU: nw2249
Sales price:  € 19,50

Hold down strap rear 2cv

SKU: nw1710
Sales price:  € 5,00

Handle grip roof top front

SKU: nw1711
Sales price:  € 7,50


SKU: nw2252
Sales price:  € 0,50

White plastic under fastener

SKU: nw1094
Sales price:  € 1,00

Parker for fastener roof top

SKU: nw1714
Sales price:  € 0,50

fastener kit roof top

SKU: nw1910
Sales price:  € 7,00

corner boot lid end stop alu 2cv L

SKU: nw1712
Sales price:  € 10,50

corner boot lid end stop alu 2cv R

SKU: nw1713
Sales price:  € 10,50

Lock for hood inside 2cv left

SKU: nw1708
Sales price:  € 14,50

Lock for hood inside 2cv right

SKU: nw1709
Sales price:  € 14,50

Dakbeugelsluitingset 2cv L-R rvs

SKU: nw2257
Sales price:  € 21,50



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