Shock absorber - Suspension

Adjustable sleeve large

SKU: nw1302
Sales price:  € 41,50

Bolt M9

SKU: nw1844
Sales price:  € 3,50

for shock absorber plate


Centreerbus veerpot klein

SKU: nw1301
Sales price:  € 21,50

Compression cap large

SKU: nw1889
Sales price:  € 45,00

AK 400 , Acadiane , Ami


Compression cap small 2cv

SKU: nw1888
Sales price:  € 26,50



Dust cover suspension

SKU: nw1311
Sales price:  € 4,00

End cover large

SKU: nw1891
Sales price:  € 47,50

AK 400, Acadiane, Ami 130 mm


End cover small cv

SKU: nw1890
Sales price:  € 25,00



Friction shockabsorber set complete

SKU: nw1819
Sales price:  € 63,50

frotteur + rearplate + endcap + dustcap.


Knife edge small front

SKU: nw1309
Sales price:  € 3,00
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